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New Sljeme-Zagreb cable car


City project

One of the key projects is the construction of the new Sljeme cable car intended for public passenger transport from the starting point in Dolje to the lookout point on Sljeme. Its purpose is to unburden the existing traffic infrastructure toward Sljeme and make the location even more attractive to visitors.
The new cable car is being constructed on the route of the old one, except that the new cable car will have more cabins (84 of them) seating 10 passengers and moving faster (a drive from the starting point to the lookout will take only 16 minutes). The total value of this project is HRK 142 million. The construction will take place in four stages, and the new cable car should be completed and commissioned by 1 August 2018 when it will become available to all citizens and tourists.

The project will be presented to the public on 31 March this year. Works on the first stage (renovation of tram tracks from Mihaljevac to Dolje) and the second stage (disassembly of the old cable car and construction of the route) have already started. By building the new cable car, the citizens of Zagreb and their guests will get an important infrastructural facility supporting further development of Sljeme’s tourist, sport and recreational potentials. The new cable car will provide improved environmental protection and speedier realization of the vision of Sljeme without cars.