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Parent educator

The parent educator project is a measure for promoting demographic and pro-natalist politics. Starting from 8 September 2016, the City has been providing monthly monetary support in the amount of the average net salary in the Republic of Croatia (according to the last published data of the Croatian Bureau of Statistics before the disbursement of the monetary support minus the pertaining contributions, tax and surtax) for parent educators.

One of the parents, who cares for at least three children, is entitled to monetary support, if the youngest child has not started school yet.  The monthly monetary support for a parent educator is equal to the amount of the average net salary in the Republic of Croatia. By April 2017, more than 2,900 applications have been received for parent educator funding, more than 2,400 of which were accepted, whereas the rest are in process. When it introduced the financing of parent educators, the City showed that it continuously implements pro-natalist politics, as this is only one among a number of measures aimed at halting negative demographic trends.