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Renovation of facades in Zagreb and the anti-graffiti initiative

The façade renovation project applies to buildings with multiple residential units in the entire Zagreb area. The City of Zagreb participates in the project with 80 percent of the required funds for street-side façades and 60 percent for other façades.

This project aims to improve the quality of the citizens’ living conditions and increase the value of their property. Also, the objective of the project is for the City to join hands with the citizens and co-owners of residential buildings in order to enhance the city’s visual identity, contribute to the affirmation of tourism and protect cultural property. For these reasons, HRK 30 million have been allocated in the City’s 2017 budget for co-financing the renovation of façades. The City also participates, with 80 percent of the required funds, in the removal of graffiti, applying of a protective anti-graffiti coating and installation of video surveillance as an anti-graffiti measure intended to provide the City a new attire.

The public call for expression of interest in the participation of the façade renovation project is open until 8 May 2017. The building’s co-owners must report their interest for façade renovation through the building manager and the representative of the building’s co-owners.