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Solving the issue of city traffic

Two key projects are intended for unburdening the existing traffic infrastructure of the City of Zagreb: Construction of the tracks from Kvaternik Square to Velika Kosnica and the reconstruction of the crossroads between Jadranska avenija and Avenija Dubrovnik which will ensure a long-term improvement of the city's traffic.

The new tram tracks will connect the city's centre with the new terminal of the Franjo Tuđman airport. The construction of the tram tracks will be implemented in six stages, and the preparation of documentation for the first four stages has already begun. The total value of the project is HRK 150 million.

As part of the reconstruction of Jadranska avenija and Avenija Dubrovnik, the existing roundabout is planned for reconstruction, with additional roadways and a tunnel underneath. The tram tracks will be renovated as part of the reconstruction.  The project value is HRK 200 million. New investments into traffic infrastructure will make it possible for citizens to travel faster towards the city's south, and they will enable an unburdening of the existing traffic routes.