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Strategic planning

“Vision of Zagreb for the 21st century”, a document presented by the Mayor of Zagreb on the inauguration day of the City’s new government in 2005, defines a set of values for selection of City’s strategic projects.

These projects can be divided into several groups:

a) Environmental projects (mitigating results of decade-long neglect and under-investment, requiring extremely costly measures)

- sanation of utility waste depot in Jakuševac, which took several years and is now almost completed;
- construction of the City’s central waste water treatment plant is under way (mechanical treatment in operation, biological treatment to be completed);
preparing documents for construction of waste processing plant;
- together with Croatian Government, the City studies possibilities for multipurpose use of the river Sava with positive effects for the area’s environmental protection.

Investing into mobility and the City’s infrastructure

Development of transport system has been falling behind the growing needs of the city mobility. Within the overall investment system, special attention is being given to mobility requirements of persons with special needs.

- an important investment: extension of Radnička road in eastern part of the City is almost finished, connecting the city with the already completed new bridge (Domovinski most) across Sava, and, through the road ring, with regional motorways;
- in cooperation with the scientific community of Zagreb feasibility studies for building a tunnel through Medvednica, (to position Zagreb in the centre of gravity of the region), for a Light rail system, for two new bridges across Sava and for the northern belt road on the slopes of Medvednica, have been conducted;
- Croatian railways already having an important role in the City’s public transportation system, will become even more important for the City of Zagreb;
- together with Croatian Government the City of Zagreb will enter the project of reconstructing the Zagreb Airport;
- systematic reconstruction of city’s infrastructure, particularly of its water supply and waste water disposal systems, which in many parts of the city are in poor condition, is being permanently conducted.

Culture, education and sports

A series of projects have significantly advanced the conditions for the development of culture as one of the major activities in Zagreb. Furthermore, new child-care centres, schools and sports halls radically improve the standard for City’s youngest population.

Upgrading the identity of the City

Significant investments have been made in this area. Apart from reconstructing the historical centre and Medvednica, the City of Zagreb has been systematically investing into reconstructing the areas by the Sava river as natural urban areas. One of the largest investments currently underway is reconstruction of previously neglected Bundek Lake (formerly a gravel pit) into an important city park within Sava contact area. Systematic investments have also been made into the city’s parks and green areas.

Physical planning documents aim at shaping the City’s new silhouette by constructing tall buildings.

Local self-administration

Advancing local self-administration is one of the City’s strategic priorities, aiming at increased citizens’ participation in processes of development of the City.
Local self-administration units - city districts decide on priorities for reconstruction of utilities, streets, parks, as well as various facilities for citizens’ use in city districts, and allocated funds are continuously increasing.

City projects

City (municipal) projects are a special tool for the City’s reproduction. Through investments into public programs the City aims at improving public spaces and the public domain.
The City’s role is to justly distribute profit resulting from increased value of the city’s space, i.e. to reinvest generated profit into new value, thus decreasing strain on the Budget.