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The city of Zagreb - emblem and flag


The City of Zagreb possesses a coat of arms, a flag and the Mayor’s chain of honour

The description of the coat of arms reads:

Against a blue ground, on a green hill, a silver/white walled town with three towers and open gold/yellow gates; above right, a gold/yellow six-pointed star; above left, a silver/white crescent.

The description of the flag reads:

The flag is proportioned in the ratio 1:2, and coloured blue, with the City’s coat of arms, edged in yellow, at the centre.

The Mayor’s chain of honour comprises ten slightly elliptical links with a pearl set at the centre, and nine links in the form of slightly flattened quatrefoils at the centre of which the City’s coat of arms is executed. They issue from a central link containing a bright-red ruby around which four diamonds are set, and from which hangs the City’s coat of arms.