The new fountains – the centre of urban identity of Zagreb

At the entrance of the city centre you are welcomed by the new fountains – a picture of urban excellence and recognizability of Zagreb.
Fountains – the new city gate

Zagreb Emergency Medical Service

The building of the ZEMS was finished in 2009. Its opening significantly improved the availability and accessibility of the emergency medical service to the citizens.
Easily accessible Zagreb Emergency Medical Service

Bundek: free time in the park with a lake on the bank of the river Sava.

A park and a lake just a step away from the city centre, Bundek is a place where citizens of Zagreb like to spend their free time.
A great place to meet friends, relax and enjoy leisure activities.

Ski course for the citizens and the World Cup

Each January, the world's skiing elite meets on Sljeme, the only World Cup ski course located in the vicinity of a city with a population of over one million.
A ski course only twenty minutes far from the city centre.

A modern building for the new generations of musicians

The construction of the new Academy of Music is one of the biggest projects in the Croatian culture. After 96 years of being a sub tenant, the Academy will be reunited under one roof.
The new building of the Academy of Music

The French Pavillion – cultural monument of international importance

The reconstruction of the FP saved one of the important cultural monuments. The Mayor proposed the pavillion to be the home of the Museum of Tolerance.
The Museum of Tolerance – Zagreb's, Croatian, European identity

The Homeland Bridge, the east side connection between Zagreb and the Zagreb Airport

A bridge in the eastern part of the city connects Zagreb with the Zagreb Bypass and the Zagreb Airport. It is an important transportation and infrastructure object
The Homeland Bridge – a multi purpose structure

New educational buildings

This autumn, two new educational institutions were opened in the residential area Vrbani III: Kindergarten Vrbani III and Primary School Alojzije Stepinac.

As of this autumn, a kindergarten and a school in Vrbani

The Museum of Contemporary Art

Modern edifice, the Museum, as one of Zagreb's recognizable landmarks, is a continuation of Zagreb's Green Horseshoe in the north-south direction.

The Museum of Contemporary Art

Jankomir Bridge, the beginning of the project Zagreb on the River Sava

The old reconstructed bridge and the newly built Jankomir Bridge, opened in 2006, eased traffic congestion at the intersection of city roads and the Zagreb Bypass
Jankomir Bridge, old and new, one single structure

The Arena, a facility for major sporting and other events

The Arena, which was finished in 2008 for the purpose of the World Handball Championship, hosts major sporting, artistic, economic and social events.
The Arena Zagreb – the biggest sports arena in Croatia.


Worlds` new window to Zagreb

Welcome to our official website that is offering relevant information about all aspects of life in Zagreb. It contains information about Zagreb's Government, legislative acts, events and much more.
By its historical tradition, cultural relations, and above all, its urban planning,  Zagreb is a distinctly central European city situated in the middle of the triangle of Vienna, Budapest and Venice. It has always been and remains a part of the cultural circle of central Europe.

The city with a tradition of almost one thousand years celebrated its 900th birthday in 1994. Zagreb University was founded in the 17th century, and it is one of the oldest in Europe. Nine hundred year old Zagreb, capital of Croatia, lives a rich cultural life, with more than 20 theatres, 3 concert halls, around 60 museums and art galleries. It is a big centre of congress tourism, economic and business events, and trade fairs not only in Croatia but also in this part of Europe.

We could summarize the impressions of the growing number of foreigners who visit Zagreb in one sentence: a city of a million inhabitants that has managed to stay romantic, clean, and which offers visitors pleasant walks and enjoyment in a city full of parks and pedestrian zones. In short, it is a city that has managed to preserve its soul and identity, its cultural and historical heritage, and we are very proud of this.

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