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Luka Korlaet


Luka Korlaet was born in 1974 in Zagreb. He received his Master’s Degree and Doctorate from the Faculty of Architecture, where he teaches Residential Building Design. He was a member of the Executive Board of the Zagreb Society of Architects (Društvo arhitekata Zagreba) and of the Assembly of the Croatian Architects' Association (Udruženje hrvatskih arhitekata) during the 2009-2013 terms. He is also an active member of the Assembly of the Chamber of Architects (Komora arhitekata) and the National Committee of Europan. He is a long-term associate in the study conducted by the Faculty of Civil Engineering on the topic of earthquake risk assessment in Zagreb, and drafting coordinator of the catalogue of projects for type prefabricated buildings of the Faculty of Architecture, intended for the reconstruction of the Sisak-Moslavina County. He is the Head of the Working Group for Housing and Urbanism (We can!/Možemo!) and he also participated in the development of its Zagreb 2021 electoral programme.

Luka Korlaet was elected Deputy Mayor of the City of Zagreb on 30 May 2021 in direct election as the candidate of the We can! (Možemo!) – Zagreb is ours! – New Left (Nova ljevica)– Green Alternative ORaH (Zelena alternativa ORaH) – For the City (Za grad) coalition.