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The Installation


Once inside the Auditorium Building the visitors pass through the entrance lobby where all the information about the installation, 4 Ecologies Concept and the Events can be found.

Upon entering the Auditorium Space itself you are driven inside a semidark space inviting you towards the light / central point  - a live hornbeam tree. The hornbeam tree represents the nature and the forests of the City of Zagreb: its food and fresh air. By talking a walk on the dry chestnut leaves path (another important plant for the Zagreb area) you encounter a series of self standing panels with the information about the city. The first one explains the concept of Zagreb Energy through four ecologies: Water, Nature, City and People. The following ones tell something more about each specific ecology. The rest of the space is covered in balloon clouds representing Zagreb as a city in rise. You can wander around, take a picture or rest on one of the wooden benches along the path. The core of the space is the stage where all interactive talks and music events are held. The stage is covered in the Sestin umbrellas representing the people of Zagreb and their customs.

Leaving the Auditorium Space the visitors are forced to pass through the entrance lobby one more time. There they can find the “event shop” and take one of the exhibited souvenirs with the event logo: a shirt, a bag, a balloon, a licitar heart, a postcard or a bottle of Jana water.